Turning Your Data into Knowledge


There are three levels of intervention that are worth considering, depending upon the efficiency of your current data set-up. These are:


Level 1 - Accurate data collection and storage


This level provides the foundation for high quality data use. I'll ensure you have the correct system and set-up, including accurate coding of customers and transactions. I'll also help you improve data processing, advantage of import and export facilities to reduce the amount of manual data inputting required. This alone could generate a significant level of cost savings.


Level 2 - Efficient reporting and basic analysis


I'll work with you to identify the crucial pieces of information (key performance indicators) that will you're your staff focus on reducing costs, improving customer service and increasing income.


Either through your databases existing reporting capabilities or by developing bespoke systems, I'll setup reports that will help you regularly monitor these KPIs and undertake low level analysis. These are the first steps to ensuring you understand your business, enabling you to take timely corrective action.


Level 3 - Advanced data analysis


With the benefit of accurate data and reports you are in the position of being able to fully exploit the data you have to generate large cost savings and grow income through techniques such as customer segmentation, propensity scoring an attrition analysis.







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